Finance and Incentives

  • Canada: Steep increase in unglazed Solar Collectors in 2008

    Canada: Steep increase in unglazed Solar Collectors in 2008

    The Canadian solar thermal market is taking up speed:  Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) published the preliminary results of a market survey that found the number of installed collector area to have doubled in 2008, from 61,000 to 125,000 m2. Source: NRCan

  • SOLPOOL Solar Energy Use in Outdoor Swimming Pools, Cyprus (2009)

    This report, made by Intelligent Europe and CRES, provides information on open-air pool heating in Cyprus and on different technologies that can be used to heat pools. The document contains relevant information such a listing of standards related to solar thermal heating, best practises...

  • Potential of Solar Thermal in Europe (2009)

    This report from 2009 has been commissioned by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and looks into the potential of solar thermal in the European Union. The objective of the study is to provide the European Commission and the Members States with information on how solar thermal...

  • Slovenia: ECO Fund Issuing Grants and Low-interest Loans

    Slovenia: ECO Fund Issuing Grants and Low-interest Loans

    Franc Beravs, CEO of ECO Fund, Slovenia, is proud to support renewable energies: “If you plan to install a solar thermal system or a better insulation, you can choose between a low-interest loan and a non-refundable financial incentive.”

  • Solar Energy in Spain in 2007: Current Status and Prospects

    This report from IDEA (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) provides an overview of the Spanish solar market in 2007 (including not only solar thermal, but also PV and thermoelectricity), in terms of technology, installed capacity, existing companies, the potential growth...

  • ECO Fund Offers Grants and Low-interest Loans

    The Slovenian government's support of renewable energies stands on two pillars since 2008: low-interest (soft) loans and non-repayable subsidies (grants). The organisation to administer both of them is Eco Fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund. EUR 15 million have been allocated for...

  • Report CSP Workshop, South Africa (2009)

    This is the report of a CSP workshop, which took place in South Africa on 22 May 2009. The workshop results from the necessity to gather project developers, the government, NGOs and research centers to start a discussion on scaling up CSP.

    In South Africa, the development of CSP...

  • Mexico: 25,000 “Solar Roofs” Programme

    Mexico: 25,000 “Solar Roofs” Programme

    Small thermosiphon systems are in the focus point of the new 25,000 Solar Roofs Programme of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Mexico.

    Photo: GTZ Mexico

  • UK Carbon Trust Programme: Small Impact on Solar Thermal

    UK Carbon Trust Programme: Small Impact on Solar Thermal

    Yvonne and Stephen Mould wanted to lower the energy bill of their Hyne Town House, a South Devon residential care home, and used an interest-free Energy Efficiency Loan from the Carbon Trust among others for a solar thermal installation.


  • Carbon Trust 0% Interest Loans in Great Britain

    The UK Carbon Trust is now focusing only on Wales and Northern Ireland with its interest-free loans for Small and Medium Businesses. The scheme was eligible also for England and Scottland in the past, however was stopped in March 2011 in these two states.

    Country Wales and...

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