Finance and Incentives

  • China: Rural Incentive Programme sees shift to higher-priced Products

    The result from the second tender round of the national rural incentive programme in China: more companies with higher-priced products qualified for it. This year's price limit was RMB 5,000, a substantial increase from the RMB 4,000 last year (10 RMB is about 1 EUR).

  • Germany: Incentive Programme continues under new Conditions

    After many weeks of waiting and worrying, it is now official: On 7 July, the budget committee of the German parliament unblocked the EUR 115 million funds intended for the country's market incentive programme (MAP). The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), which is responsible...

  • Austria: EUR 2 Million for Large-Scale, Commercial Applications

    Austria shows that even in a generally difficult economic situation, a government can still expand its solar subsidy schemes: On 11 June, the Austrian environmental minister, Niki Berlakovich, introduced a new incentive programme for large-scale solar thermal systems. Photo: National...

  • The Sun Shines a Bit More in Härnösand (2010)

    This is a document released by the Swedish company Absolicon about the solar thermal and PV project being carried out through a public-private partnership in the small town of Härnösand in Sweden. The hospital in Härnösand is now an example of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy...
  • Portugal: End of Subsidy Programme jeopardizes Market

    Now it is official: The Portuguese government will not extend the solar thermal incentive programme, contrary to informal statements made by the responsible authorities since December 2009. Stopping the incentives could jeopardize a sector which has finally made good...

  • Canada: Retrofit Programme Ends Earlier than Expected

    “Effective by 1 April 2010, the ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program is no longer accepting bookings for pre-retrofit evaluations” – it was this statement by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), which surprised the entire solar heating and cooling sector in Canada. The residential rebate programme...

  • Grant Scheme for commercial Renewable Heating Projects

    Since 2008, the Norwegian government has offered a case-by-case subsidy for sports facilities or businesses, which would like to replace their old heating system by a new one receiving its energy from renewable sources. The programme itself is run by Enova, a public enterprise owned by the Royal...


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