Finance and Incentives

  • Germany: Blocked Funds Cause Stop of Rebate Programme

    The after effects of the financial crisis are again threatening the German solar sector: Not only had the industry to cope with a 25% decrease in sales in 2009, but now the ...

  • Grant Scheme for commercial Renewable Heating Projects

    Since 2008, the Norwegian government has offered a case-by-case subsidy for sports facilities or businesses, which would like to replace their old heating system by a new one receiving its energy from renewable sources. The programme itself is run by Enova, a public enterprise owned by the Royal...

  • Slovakia: Successful Incentive Programme with Modified Requirements

    Just over a year ago, on March 20 2009, Slovakia launched its first subsidy programme for solar collectors and biomass boilers: After a modification of the formal requirements and the amount of subsidies one can receive, the programme’s figures have shown a great improvement lately....

  • Algeria: A Sunny State Still Waiting its Turn

    Algeria has one of the greatest solar potentials in the world. The annual radiation ranges from 1,700 kWh/m2 in the North to 2,260 kWh in the South. The solar water heater market, however, is still in a deep slumber. Waking it up is the responsibility of a new subsidy programme...

  • Renewable Energy Policy Country Profiles (2009)

    This report, published in the framework of the Re-Shaping project, provides an overview of the existing RES support schemes in the 27 EU Member States. The project RE-Shaping aims to assist Member States in preparing for the implementation of the RES Directive (2009/28/EC) and to guide a...

  • Solar Thermal in Lazio Region (2010)

    This report, produced within the ProSTO project, presents solar thermal energy in the Italian region of Lazio. The document outlines the Italian legislative framework on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources and explains how to implement a solar thermal ordinances at local...
  • USA: Sunny Outlook after a stagnating Market in 2009

    The discussions at the 2nd German-American Energy Days in Berlin this March dealt with the opportunities and challenges of the US solar thermal market: Ed Murray (Aztec) presented the insights he gained from studying its development.
    Photo: AHK USA/dena 

  • Soleil de Nefta – Solar City in the South-West of Tunisia

    Will this be the future of Nefta? The Soleil de Nefta project foresees the installation of solar energy systems of about 20 MW by 2016, in order to produce hot water, solar electricity and solar cooling energy for the city of Nefta in the south-west of Tunisia.
    Photo: ANME...


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