Awareness Raising

  • Albania: 75,000 m2 of Newly Installed Collector Area

    Alongside the government, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) officially launched a solar water heater project in Albania, with its first workshop in Tirana on the 4th of December. The project titled “Country Program of Albania under the...

  • REPAP 2020: Implementation of the RES-Directive at National Level (2009)

    Christine Lins, Secretary General of EREC, made this presentation during a workshop, organised by ESTIF, in Brussels, on the RES Directive implementation. The presentation provides an overview of the RES Directive and the measures national authorities have to put in place to comply with the...
  • ASIT Presentation on RES Directive (2009)

    Mr Pascual Polo, Secretary General of the Spanish Solar Thermal Association - ASIT - gave this presentation during a Workshop organised by ESTIF on 2nd December on the implementation of the RES Directive. The presentation goes through the Spanish solar thermal market and the implementation of...
  • ESTIF: Xavier Noyon appointed new Secretary General

    ESTIF: Xavier Noyon appointed new Secretary General

    Xavier Noyon has been appointed Secretary General of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), effective from 1 November 2009. The French national brings with him a vast experience in working with associations at the European level. Photo: ESTIF

  • The Lebanese Solar Thermal Strategy (2008)

    The Lebanese Solar Thermal Strategy (2008)

    Damaged solar thermal system in South Lebanon: The war with Israel in 2007 destroyed 44 % of the 500 solar water heaters donated by China in 2005. Despite such setbacks, the country is working on a reasonable solar thermal strategy.
    Photo: LCEC

  • Solar Cooling Malaysia (2009)

    This document was submitted by the company Solar District Cooling to the ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-Sector Network for the ASEAN Energy Awards 2009. The document explains the efforts of the company in boosting solar cooling technologies in Malaysia. The document includes...

  • Lebanon: Performance of a Solar Water Heater – a Case Study

    Lebanon: Performance of a Solar Water Heater – a Case Study

    Solar water heaters are still rarely seen on Lebanese roofs. The Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation Project (LCECP) has now published the promising results of a study about the performance of one particular residential solar water heating system in South Lebanon.
    Photo: www...

  • Oregon Solar Thermal Market Characterization (2004)

    This report was prepared by the Washington State University Energy Program, along with Dethman & Associates in 2004. They assess the solar thermal market in Oregon through collecting data and interviews from installers and consumers, and displayed their findings in this document.


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