Awareness Raising

  • France: Dissatisfying Market Development in 2009

    France: Dissatisfying Market Development in 2009

    Collective systems are on the rise in France: This photo shows the youth hostel of the Association Logis des Jeunes de Provence in the city of Cannes in the South of France. Photo: Enerplan

  • Austria Solar: The Sun's Marketing Specialists

    Austria Solar: The Sun's Marketing Specialists

    One campaign, three partners: Robert Kanduth (Chairman of Austria Solar), Niki Berlakovich, (heading the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) and Ingmar Höbarth (Managing Director of the Climate and Energy Fund). Photo: Severin Dostal / Austria...

  • Bringing the Desertec Concept into Reality (2010)

    This presentation prepared by Mr Paul van Son from Dii (Desertec Industrial Initiative) outlines the main objectives to the Desertec project and the timeline established to achieve the main goal of covering a substantial part of the MENA electricity demand and 15% of the European demand by...

  • District Heating in Denmark (2009)

    This is a presentation of the Managing Director of the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH), Mr. Jes B. Christensen on the district heating sector in Denmark. The presentation gives detailed information on the Danish district heating market in Denmark, since the first years in the 70s...

  • Solar Thermal Collector Market in IEA Member Countries (2002)

    This was a study prepared by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2002. The study documented the collector areas previously installed in the 22 IEA member countries and to identify the contribution of solar plants to the supply of energy and how it cut down on CO2 emissions. It has all the...

  • Solar Cooling and Air-Conditioning (2007)

    This presentation was given by Hans-Martin Henning from the Fraunhofer-Institut for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg, Germany, during the Renewable Energy Week in Brussels in 2007.

    Mr Hans-Martin Henning explains with these slides solar cooling and air conditioning processes...

  • Solar Thermal Power Generation for Trans Kalahari Corridor Development (2001)

    This presentation prepared by Capital Sun Group, Industrial Solar Technology Corporation, Hamilton Mauer International and Kgalagadi Resources Development Company provides an overview of the Botswana Solar Thermal Electric Power Stations “B-STEP” which will put in place 500 kilowatt of solar...

  • Renewable Energies Essentials: Solar Heating and Cooling (2009)

    This short document, produced by the International Energy Agency, provides a summary of the solar heating and cooling situation in 2009.

    The document is divided in different sections: market status; economics; outlook; system related aspects; environmental impact; technology status...

  • India: New National Song Features Solar Thermal Technology

    India: New National Song Features Solar Thermal Technology

    Publicity for solar thermal: Viewed by tens of thousands of people since its launch in January 2010, the video of the new song about Indian national unity, “Phir Mile Sur”, also features solar thermal systems in two of its backgrounds.


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