Awareness Raising

  • California: Subsidy Programme off to a Slow Start

    California: Subsidy Programme off to a Slow Start

    The Intersolar North America held in San Francisco in the middle of July was at the right time and place for analysing the first experiences with the new incentive programme in California called California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Programme.

  • Solar Thermal Energy in Chile (2010)

    This report has been arranged by the TECH4DCM (2008-2009) project which is financed by FP6 (European Union Sixth Framework Programme). This EU Project focuses on promoting solar thermal energy and is being carried out in five countries: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. The project’s...

  • SOLTHERM Europe – Campaign Guidelines (2003)

    This report was prepared on the framework of the Soltherm Project. It aims to provide recommendations and guidelines for any party (local authorities, energy utilities, consultants and energy agencies) involved or interested in market enlargement actions for solar heating products in Europe....
  • Example of Solar Water Heating System Installation in Mexico

    This document produced in the framework of the the Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative (GSWH Project), reports the usage of solar water heating technologies in the soccer club Los Plumas de la UNAM in Mexico.

    The installations were made...

  • Trans-Solar: Knowledge Transfer to 7 CEE Partner Countries

    Trans-Solar: Knowledge Transfer to 7 CEE Partner Countries

    After running for 26 months, the European Trans-Solar project finally ended in January 2010. Its aim had been to transfer solar thermal know-how from the old EU Member States to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Renewables for Heating and Cooling (2007)

    This document, prepared by the International Energy Agency, comes as a follow-up of the 2006 seminar “Renewable heating and cooling – from RD&D to deployment technology and policy” aimed at exploring guidelines and policy initiatives to boost technology development and market deployment for...
  • Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan (2010)

    This is the synopsis of a report prepared by Beyond Zero Emissions and the Climate Emergency Network, with the support from Climate Positive. The final version of the report will be launched on 14 July 2010.

    The Zero Carbon Australia 2020 project was conceived to develop a...


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