Awareness Raising

  • Austria: Campaign with 270 million Impressions

    Austria: Campaign with 270 million Impressions

    Between February and May 2010, the solar campaign “Clever people heat with the sun” (Schlaue heizen mit der Sonne) promoted solar thermal technology across all of Austria's main media channels: radio, television, newspapers and special interest magazines. The marketing measures reached a total...
  • Heat Plan Denmark (2009)

    This document explains a study carried out by the company Rambøll Denmark and the Aalborg University about the Danish district heating market and technologies. The study was presented at the District Energy Climate Summit held parallel to the COP 15, the United Nations Climate Change...

  • Solar Thermal Desalination Systems with Multi-layer Heat Recovery (2004)

    This document was produced by researchers of the Solar-Institut Jülich, Universidade Federal do Ceara and RWE-Aqua and explores the benefits of using systems with multi-layer heat recovery in solar thermal desalination plants. The project, financed by Greenpeace International, looked at...

  • Solar Process Heat SO-PRO (2010)

    This short presentation explains the SO-PRO Project which is being coordinated by the Energy Agency of Upper Austria (O.Ö. Energiesparverband). The project, financed by Intelligent Energy Europe, will put in place market development activities (training, developing guidelines, information...

  • CSP Technologies Projects in EUMENA (2008)

    Dr. Nikolaus Benz Vice President of ESTELA (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association) gave this presentation at the EUROMED 2008 Solar Workshop. This is a very informative presentation about concentrated solar power technologies. The slides explain de differences between a power tower,...

  • Large Scale Solar District Heating in Denmark (2010)

    This is a presentation made by the company PlanEnergi during the World Sustainable Energy Days that took place in Austria in March 2010.

    The document goes through the development of solar district heating in Denmark, the installed systems, the prices of the equipments, among other...
  • Solar Thermal Energy in Upper Austria, the Number One Solar Region (2009)

    This document prepared by the energy agency of Upper Austria, the O.Ö. Energiesparverband provides an overview of solar thermal energy in different sectors.

    The document mentions the use of solar systems in single-family houses, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, business,...
  • Potential Demonstration Sites for Wind and CSP Projects (2009)

    The REMAP Project (Action Plan for High Priority Renewable Energy Initiatives in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Area) is a two years initiative funded under the European Commission FP6 with the goal of investigating two electricity generation technologies: wind power and concentrated solar...

  • Solar Decathlon Comprehensive Energy Analysis Report (2007)

    This document was prepared by the University of Colorado Solar Decathlon Team. The Solar Decathlon challenge is organised by the U.S. Department of Energy and calls for 20 collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and...

  • Instructions SIA Complaint Procedures (2004)

    This document was produced by the New Zealand Solar Industries Association to help consumers on what to do in case there is a concern or a problem with an installed system.

    In such situations, the issue should be raised with the supplier or installer. The supplier or installer who...


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