Awareness Raising

  • A Review of Solar Hot Water Systems History, Design, and Applications (2012)

    This presentation was created and published by Ben Gravely of Holocene Technologies. It provides a short review of solar thermal history, come examples of successful solar thermal installations and an overview of the technology behind solar thermal.

    There were various demonstrations of...

  • Heating with Solar Energy (2012)

    This document was created and published by the solar energy company Viessman. It provides information on how solar thermal heating works, what consumers can expect from systems, and what the benefits of solar thermal heating are.

    According to the document, solar thermal heating systems...

  • Underground Thermal Energy Storage (2011)

    This presentation comes from the international polymer processing company REHAU. It provides information on their systems for underground thermal energy storage.

    The principle behind the thermal storage system is to match the supply of renewable...

  • Solar Construction Manual (2010)

    This is a manual on how to install solar thermal systems. It was created by the solar heating company Radiantec Company.

    The manual begins with introducing the various applications solar thermal heating can be used for in a domestic, residential...

  • Present and Future: Solar Thermal in the US (2009)

    This presentation analyzes the state of the solar thermal market in the US in 2008. It was first presented at the 2009 Solar Thermal Roadmap Symposium hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association.

    In the presentation pie charts are used to show how the US solar thermal market had...

  • Solar Thermal PPA’s and the Need for Monitoring (2011)

    This presentation was created by Thomas Dinkel, CEO of SunReports, Inc. It explains how some issues associated with power purchase agreements and solar thermal hot water heating.

    Power purchase agreements are third party ownership contracts where there are pre-determined cost for each...

  • Solar Water Heating with Low-Cost Plastic Systems (2012)

    This document was published by the Federal Energy Management Program of the US Department of Energy. It focuses on how federal buildings can meet their renewable energy targets laid out by federal law with cost effective solar thermal water heating systems, included new...

  • Advanced Piping and Control Applications for Commercial Buildings (2011)

    This presentation was created by EOS Research and Energy Concepts. It reports on their work with creating advanced solar thermal piping and control applications for use in commercial buildings.

    Through a series of graphs and case studies, the presentation depicts the advances these two...

  • Solar Days 2015: Individual Schedules in Eight Countries

    Solar Days 2015: Individual Schedules in Eight Countries

    The European Solar Days (ESD) seem to have lost some momentum. Since the European Union stopped co-financing the ESD, it seems that several national partners among the so far more than 20 participating countries have found it harder to get monetary support for their work and all of the...
  • Solar Water Heating Therm – inology! (2011)

    This presentation was created by Tim Merrigan of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and was first presented at the 2011 USH2O Annual Meeting. It focuses on clearing up and defining some widely, and often loosely, used terms in the world of solar thermal heating...


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