• Tunisia: „The solar thermal sector was not much affected by the revolution“

    The economic situation in Tunisia two months after former President Ben Ali left the country is back to normal. Material supply is available without delay, the grants of the incentive programme are paid and even the demand for solar water heaters slowed down only a bit. ...

  • Eco-energy Labelling: Good Consensus for Solar Thermal Industry


    The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation is optimistic that the regulations for the energy labelling of dedicated water heaters in the framework of the Ecodesign Directive (2005/32/EC) are going to be adopted in good consensus in mid-2011. During the...

  • Sweden: First Buffer Tank receives P-Mark Certificate

    The buffer tank Ecoscience by Swedish tank manufacturer Fueltech Sweden AB is the first tank to receive the P-Mark certification. After one year of testing and paper work, the P-labelling of the 520 litre tank with fresh-water station and external solar loading module was approved at the...

  • Brazil: “Solar Water Heaters will become a culture”

    Carlos F. C. Faria is the founder of Brazilian consultancy Studio Equinócio - SE and former director of the Brazilian solar industry association ABRAVA. Studio Equinócio is dedicated to the development of solar energy in Brazil. The company works in partnership with industries...

  • Brazil: My Home My Life Programme requires Qualisol certified Installers

    The Brazilian installer label Qualisol has recently gained greater visibility in the market. Not only does CAIXA, the national mortgage bank for the housing sector, now require installers to provide a Qualisol label to take part in the social housing programme My Home...

  • Tunisia: First Steps towards introducing Qualisol and Solar Keymark

    Quality label for installers: By adapting French installer certification Qualisol, Tunisia's market development project Prosol has already entered “the 3rd Dimension” of quality control since its launch in 2005. Training is provided by the National Chamber of Renewable Energies (CNSEnR)...

  • France: More than 9,000 Quality Checks of Solar Thermal Systems

    The quality of solar water heaters is improving steadily. Evidence of this trend can be found in the results of the 8,000 Qualisol audits, which have been carried out since 2007. Within four years, the share of “excellent” installations more than doubled, from 20 to 55.5 %. The share of “...

  • Brazil: Pros and Cons of Collector and Tank Labelling Programme

    The history of solar heating in Brazil began in the early 1970ies with the emergence of the first factories for solar collectors. However, the development of the Brazilian market was only possible after INMETRO's creation of the Brazilian Labeling Program PBE in 1998.

  • Instructions SIA Complaint Procedures (2004)

    This document was produced by the New Zealand Solar Industries Association to help consumers on what to do in case there is a concern or a problem with an installed system.

    In such situations, the issue should be raised with the supplier or installer. The supplier or installer who...


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