• Uruguay: Growing at Its Own Pace

    Uruguay’s government aims at reaching a renewable share of 50% in its national energy mix by 2015. In order to achieve this target, the government approved the so-called Solar Plan in March...

  • France: Influence of New Building Standards in 2013

    The solar thermal industry in France looks with mixed feelings to next year. Certain system suppliers are convinced that the French building regulation RT2012 will push solar water heaters in the residential segment in 2013. In contrast, others are afraid that hot water heat pumps will...

  • Developments of Solar Thermal in China (2011)

    This presentation was given as Tsinghua University in 2011, and gives a chronological overview of the rapid development of China's solar thermal market since 1978, where research first began. The research projects described in the presentation have successfully...

  • Brazil: Collector Area Exceeds 1 Million a Year

    For the first time, the newly installed collector area in Brazil has surpassed the one million mark. 1,029,616 m2 were newly set up in 2011 – 7 % more than in 2010. The chart shows that it was mainly due to the solar swimming pool segment with unglazed collectors that market...

  • A Viable CDM Model for Solar Water Heating (2008)

    This report was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and examines how to establish a viable and profitable Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) model for Solar Water Heating (SWH). The CDM is a UN Climate Change Council initiative whereby emission...

  • Italy: Round-table on Ways Out of Crisis

    On 28 June, Italy’s solar thermal association, Assolterm, organised a round-table discussion under the title "How will the solar thermal market look like in 2030? Action Plan, burden sharing and incentive mechanisms". Among the attendees were representatives of ministries,...


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