RES 2020

  • Solar Energy in Barcelona. The Solar Thermal Ordinance (2007)

    This report prepared by the Polytechnic University in Catalunya gives the reader a complete overview of the Barcelona solar thermal ordinance, created in 2000, and the role of the Barcelona City Council in this regard.

  • Solar Energy for Heating Purposes - Soon Profitable in Norway? (2009)

    This report provides a brief summary of the technological status of solar thermal technology in Norway.

    The report discusses if the use of energy for heating purposes will be possible for Norway in the near future. The utilisation of solar energy to supplement the energy supply...

  • Overview of RES-H/RES-C Support Options (2009)

    The present report was prepared in the framework of the RES-H Policy project (Policy development for improving RES-H/C penetration in European Member States (RES-H Policy)). The aim is to provide an overview of possible policy instruments to support the development of renewable heating (RES-H...

  • The Sun Shines a Bit More in Härnösand (2010)

    This is a document released by the Swedish company Absolicon about the solar thermal and PV project being carried out through a public-private partnership in the small town of Härnösand in Sweden. The hospital in Härnösand is now an example of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy...
  • The Market Potential of Micro-CHCP (2009)

    This is a study assessing the market potential of small scale Combined Heating Cooling and Power (CHCP) in several European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). The study is one of the final deliverables of the...

  • Use of Solar Collectors for Water Heating in Domestic Sector (2004)

    This document was prepared by Água Quente Solar, a Portuguese public programme promoting the use of solar panels for water heating. This is an introductory document to solar water heating. It explains its applications, the advantages of its use, the purpose, price information, integration...

  • Manual for Solar Collector Installers (2004)

    This manual was prepared by Água Quente Solar, a Portuguese public programme promoting the use of solar panels for water heating. The guide provides information and guidance on how to install a solar collector, things to take into account in terms of technology, weather, shadows, best...

  • Solar Industrial Process Heat - State of the Art (2006)

    This is a report prepared in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe project Key Issues for Renewable Heat in Europe (K4RES-H). The report focuses on solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP), the current market status and potential, the identified barriers to growth and proposed...


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