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  • Embedded thumbnail for John Hollick, Solar Wall & SAHWIA, at SHC 2013

    John Hollick, Solar Wall & SAHWIA, at SHC 2013

    This is an interview made during the conference SHC in Freiburg, September 2013, with John Hollick. John Hollick is the President and CEO of the Canadian company Solar Wall and Chairman of SAHWIA (Solar Air Heating World Industry Association).

  • Serbia: Solar Air Collectors on Smederevo’s Primary School

    In spring 2012, a solar air collector system was installed on the roof of the gymnasium at the primary school "Dr Jovan Cvijie" in Smederevo, Serbia. The panels were set up to ensure regular heating and ventilation of the hall, as well as hot water in the showers. This first...

  • German Ministry of Foreign Affairs with New 203 m² Air Collector System

    Since December 2011, a total of 81 solar air collectors by German manufacturer Grammer Solar have supplied the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin with sun-heated air. The air collector system is part of an energy savings contract that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has drawn up...

  • Integrated Unglazed Solar Panel Development (2010)

    This is a presentation of the research done by the Environmental Energy Solutions Ltd. for the development and testing of their prototype solar heat system. The particularities consisted in the large, low cost solar collector integrated into the roof or wall cladding system and its integrated...

  • Canada: Solar Air Heating is strongest Sector

    2010 was a good year for the solar thermal industry in Canada. The total newly installed collector area (brown line) grew by 54 %, from 129,418 to 199,491 m2. Air collector sales (red line) doubled and - for the first - overtook the solar swimming pool market (blue line), which...

  • Canada/Denmark: Cooperation between Enerconcept and Solarventi

    Canadian air collector manufacturer Enerconcept uses Danish know-how for the industrial version of its Luba collectors. On 1 July, CEO Christian Vachon (left) entered into an agreement with the owner of Danish company Solarventi, Hans Jørgen Christensen, allowing Enerconcept to use an air...

  • Germany: T*Sol simulates Air Collector Systems

    Air collector systems of Grammer can now be simulated and planned with the new version 5.0 of T*SOL Pro, the dynamic simulation programme for the design and planning of solar thermal systems, developed by German company Valentin Software. The programme is the result of a close collaboration...

  • Canada: Ups and Downs in different Application Areas

    After experiencing high growth in 2008, Canada’s solar thermal industry had to cope with mixed results in 2009. The Survey of Active Solar Thermal Collectors, Industry and Markets in Canada (2009), conducted by Natural Resources Canada in the period from December 2009 to March 2010, shows...


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