Solar Thermal Power

  • Making Solar Thermal Power Generation in India a Reality (2007)

    This is a document provided by Mr. Shirish Garud and Dr. Ishan Purohit, research associates within the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi, India, which proposes an economic and environment evaluation of India’s solar thermal potential. After a brief presentation of India’s...

  • Low Carbon Future (2011)

    This is an overview presented by the Southern Africa Solar Thermal and Electricity Association (SASTELA) concerning the potential, developments and future perspectives for both solar thermal and PV energy in Africa, especially in South Africa. The main objective is to develop and interconnect...

  • Solar Energy in Argentina (2007)

    This document, published by INENCO Instituto UNSa-CONICET (Instituto de Investigación en Energías No Convencionales), provides an overview of solar energy in Argentina.

  • World Bank Group Role in Supporting Solar Power (2010)

    This is a presentation by Dr. Natalia Kulichenko-Lotz about the World Bank Group and the activities and projects it finances to boost the use of renewable energies all over the world. The presentation explains the main financial instruments that the World Bank has put in place for the...

  • Solar Thermal Policy and Market in Japan (2007)

    This presentation looks into the market situation in Japan and touches upon the weaknesses in the policy framework which negatively impacted the development of the solar thermal market.

    Following the peak of 1980, the solar hot water market went in a steep decline. A decrease in...

  • Regulatory Framework for CST Promotion (2010)

    This presentation was made during the Southern African Regional Workshop on Concentrating Solar Thermal Power that took place in Botswana in May 2010. The event was organised by the Energy Anchor (ETWEN) and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) and co-sponsored by the...

  • Implementation of New and Emerging Technologies in Israel (2009)

    This document was produced by Amnon Samid and presented during a panel discussion of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development meeting in Geneva in 2009. The document explores the energy resources of Israel and the government plans to increase the use of renewables in the...

  • India: NAL develops new sputtered Absorber Coating

    India: NAL develops new sputtered Absorber Coating

    The Surface Engineering Division of the Bengaluru-based Indian National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) has developed a new sputtered absorber coating, which could be applied to 6" stainless steel tubes of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants once the technology has passed the...


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