Water Treatment/Desalination

  • Scholarship:'Solar thermal for hot water and space heating' in Berlin.

    Spaces are still available to participate in the seminar ‘*Solar thermal for hot water and space heating*’ taking place from the *08.11- 12.11.2010* at the Renewables Academy in Berlin Germany under "*TREE - Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency...

  • Solar Thermal Desalination Systems with Multi-layer Heat Recovery (2004)

    This document was produced by researchers of the Solar-Institut Jülich, Universidade Federal do Ceara and RWE-Aqua and explores the benefits of using systems with multi-layer heat recovery in solar thermal desalination plants. The project, financed by Greenpeace International, looked at...

  • Combined Heat Power Desalination and District Cooling with CSP (2008)

    This presentation was made by Jürgen Kern from the company kernenergien, during the Euromed Solar Workshop on EU-MENA Cooperation on Solar Power, in Jordan, 2008.

    The presentation includes information and data on the expected power demand in the MENA and Southern Europe region, the...

  • Schemes for Subsidizing Renewable Energy Driven Desalination (2010)

    This report was released as part of the Project ProDes (Promotion of Renewable Energy for Water production through Desalination). The project ProDes (2008-2010) brings together 14 European organisations in order to support the market development of renewable energy desalination technology...

  • India: Two Solar Desalination Pilot Projects by Tinox-Mage

    India: Two Solar Desalination Pilot Projects by Tinox-Mage

    One box on three Euro palettes brings the desalination unit to the site: The MiniSal 1000 purifies up to 1,000 litres of sea or brackish water per day like this installation in the town of Al-Hail in Oman. The first two pilot projects in India are...

  • Embedded thumbnail for Matthias Rommel at ESTEC 2009

    Matthias Rommel at ESTEC 2009

    This is an interview made during the 2009 ESTEC conference in Munich, Germany with Matthias Rommel, from Fraunhofer ISE Institute. Matthias speaks about the development of solar thermal desalination.

  • Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination (2008)

    The authors of this 2008 paper aim to demonstrate the importance concentrating solar power has for desalination of freshwater. Due to the projected growth in economy and population and the anticipated increase in future water consumption in the MENA region, the paper shows that the CSP...

  • Nepal: Using the Sun to Purify Drinking Water

    Nepal: Using the Sun to Purify Drinking Water

    Pilot phase among women groups in Nepal: By harnessing solar thermal energy, the water purification system Solvatten can be a very useful tool in rural areas with contaminated water. Photo: ENPHO

  • Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination (2007)

    This extensive study from 2007 assesses in a detailed way the potential of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems for large scale seawater desalination. The geographical scope of the report focuses on the urban centres in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

    The objective of...


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