Pool Heating

  • Solar Thermal Solutions in Boston and the Northeast (2008)

    This PowerPoint was developed by KeySpan in 2008. It covers why they promote solar thermal water heating in the Northeast, applications, market barriers and a forecast for the future. The presentation introduces the different solar thermal programs that KeySpan offers...

  • Solar Pool Heating – Thermo Dynamics (2007)

    This document was prepared by Thermo Dynamics Ltd. in 2007. Thermo Dynamics designs, manufactures and installs solar pool heating systems. They describe two types of solar pool heating systems — open loop and closed loop — and the flat plate collectors that are...

  • Wright State Solar Tour Event (2010)

    This presentation was created by Wright State University. It provides information on the “Solar Tour” of their campus, focusing on their newly installed solar thermal hot water heating system for the campus swimming pool. Wright State University is committed to...

  • Solar Thermal Energy: The Time Has Come (2012)

    This white paper was written by William Guiney of Johnson Controls. It looks at the opportunities and potential for long-run development and wide spread use of solar thermal, especially for pool heating, space heating, and cooling applications.

    Of the...

  • Solar Thermal Industry National Status and Projections (2011)

    This presentation discusses the current status of solar thermal energy in the United States and its projected future for the next 5-10 years. Focusing on solar water heating (SWH) systems and solar pool heating (SPH) systems, this presentation touches on both residential and...

  • Solar Energy in Spain (2009)

    The solar potential in Spain is the highest in Europe because of its privileged location and climate.  Solar energy offers many advantages with respect to conventional energy, since it deals with a stream of energy that is free, clean and limitless. 

    Solar thermal energy takes...


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