Pool Heating, Solar Thermal Power

  • Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Outlook (2009)

    This report was arranged by William P. Patton, Ph. D., Economic and Business Research Center, University of Arizona. The document discusses the need for the United States to make the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy as a more reliable and environmentally sound energy...

  • Alberta To House A Canadian Renewable Energy First (2010)

    This release was prepared by the Government of Alberta and describes a new, large scale commercial solar thermal project in conjunction with Medicine Hat. The Medicine Hat Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy Demonstration Project will be the first in Canada to add a solar-...

  • Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Economics (2009)

    This paper was prepared by SuperSmart Grid (SSG) in 2007.The report offers a variety of credible sources on the economics of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSTP).

    It aims to give the most up to date and pertinent information relating to CSTP...

  • Solar Thermal Incentive Program Manual

    This report was commissioned by the New York State Public Service Commission and 

    Author: The New York State Public Service Commission

    Date: 2007

    Page: 6

    Original Source...

  • The South African Solar Thermal Technology Road Map (2014)

    This document illustrates the strategies of the South African Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap (SA STTRM), a project within the South African Solar Thermal Technology Platform (SA-STTP) which supports the use of solar energy sources for applications such as water heating, (...

  • Active Solar Thermal Energy Applications in Buildings (2014)

    This presentation was prepared by Xavier Dubuisson and presented at the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, in Armenia. The presentation is part of the Inogate Project, a regional energy cooperation programme between the European Union and 11...

  • Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometer (2014)

    This report published by the French organization EurObserv’ER provides an overview of the Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) markets in Europe in 2013.  The first section of the report is dedicated to CSP. After analyzing the global and European markets, the barometer...

  • Solar Thermal Quality Infrastructure in Cyprus (2014)

    This topic was addressed by George Roditis, Head of the Applied Energy Laboratory, at IRENA’s conference on renewable energy applications for island tourism which took place in Cyprus in May 2014. The speaker focuses on 3 important elements which ensure excellent solar thermal quality...


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