Process Heat

  • Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Commercial Program (2011)

    This document was created and published by Zapotec Energy, and provides information on MassCEC’s solar thermal water heating incentive program for commercial applications. It is emblematic of how private companies are utilizing incentives to further develop the market for solar thermal....

  • Solar Power System for Lunar ISRU Applications (2010)

    This paper was written by Takashi Nakamura and Benjamin K. Smith of Physical Sciences, Inc. It reports on a project their company has undertaken, to create a solar thermal system that can effectively be used as a means of oxygen production from lunar regolith, which is the...

  • Solar Thermal Installation Manual (2012)

    This document is a solar thermal installation manual. It was created by the solar energy company Solar Panels Plus to serve as an instruction guide for their residential and commercial solar thermal units. Installation practices in the manual depend on whether a single tank or...

  • India: Solar Thermal Gains from Priority Sector Lending

    India: Solar Thermal Gains from Priority Sector Lending

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has revised priority sector lending norms, according priority sector lending status to renewable energy. Regulation Priority Sector Lending – Targets and Classifications published on 23 April 2015 mentions renewable energies as one of the...
  • France: New ESCO Focuses on Process Heat

    France: New ESCO Focuses on Process Heat

    A start-up company will host the next Task 49 meeting in Montpellier, France. This is unusual for the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, but the business target of French company Sunti is a perfect fit for Task 49, which aims at increasing solar heat integration into industrial...
  • EISG Final Report: Solar Thermal Heat Pump/Chiller (2008)

    This is a report on the Solar Thermal Heat Pump/Chiller the “Helisorber” that was done at the conclusion of a research project on the product funded by the Energy Innovations Small Grant (EISG) Program, administered by the California Energy Commission.

  • India: PRINCE Offers Solar Cooking Workshops for New Entrepreneurs

    India: PRINCE Offers Solar Cooking Workshops for New Entrepreneurs

    Indian organisation Prince – Promoters, Researchers and Innovators in New and Clean Energy – is offering training workshops on residential and institutional solar cooking to new entrepreneurs who manufacture or trade solar cooking systems. PRINCE has already conducted more...
  • Modelling Solar Thermal Systems (2007)

    Michaël Kummert, a consulting engineer with a PhD in Environmental Science, provides this PowerPoint presentation to show examples of different Solar thermal systems and what they do.

    There are photographs of Domestic Hot Water systems and Space...

  • Solar Water Heating in Brazil (2006)

    This article was written for “Tiempo”, a newsletter on climate and economic development.  It provides information on solar thermal water heating programs targeted for low-income families in Brazil.

    Solar thermal technology has the potential to...


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