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  • Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.: Solar Water Heating Study (2012)

    This study reports on the results of monitoring done to a sample of 70 solar thermal water heating systems installed across four cooperatives. Data loggers were installed in 30 of the solar water heating system homes, to monitor both the solar system and the energy usage of...

  • Solar Hot Water for Dairy Barns (2012)

    This presentation was made by Steve Dyck of Guelp Solar Mechanical Inc. It focuses on the use of solar thermal water heating for dairy barns in Canada.

    The presentation starts by explaining the massive potential for the development and widespread use...

  • Understanding Rebates for Solar Water Heating Systems - CSI (2012)

    This brochure was created by the Center for Sustainable Energy California. It provides information on the rebates for solar thermal water heating systems available to Californian consumers through the California Solar Initiative (CSI). More information on solar thermal...

  • Wright State Solar Tour Event (2010)

    This presentation was created by Wright State University. It provides information on the “Solar Tour” of their campus, focusing on their newly installed solar thermal hot water heating system for the campus swimming pool. Wright State University is committed to...

  • Heating with Solar Energy (2012)

    This document was created and published by the solar energy company Viessman. It provides information on how solar thermal heating works, what consumers can expect from systems, and what the benefits of solar thermal heating are.

    According to the document, solar thermal heating systems...

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative of the Month: Town of Okotoks (2012)

    This report was created and published by the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP). It highlights an important and successful greenhouse gas reduction project from the town of Okotoks, the Drake Landing Solar Community.

    In 1998, the town of Okotos, Canada adopted a sustainable community...

  • Solar Hot Water Pilot Program Evaluation (2012)

    This report comes from The Electric and Gas Program Administrators of Massachusetts. It is an evaluation of the successes of the National Grid’s Solar Hot Water (SHW) Pilot Program in brining solar thermal water heating to low-income residential neighborhoods in...

  • Solar Thermal Energy: The Time Has Come (2012)

    This white paper was written by William Guiney of Johnson Controls. It looks at the opportunities and potential for long-run development and wide spread use of solar thermal, especially for pool heating, space heating, and cooling applications.

    Of the...

  • Air Based Solar-thermal “Hot-Box” Collector (2009)

    This paper was written by Mitch Thornton of the Canadian company Mountain Electric. It reports on his efforts to design and install his own “hot box” solar thermal collector.

    The plan was to build a hot-air box that would transfer captured solar energy...

  • Solar Thermal: Water Heating and Beyond (2010)

    This presentation was created by Jane Davidson of the University of Minnesota and Tim Merrigan & Jay Burch of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It looks at the potential for growth in use of solar thermal in underutilized applications on the US, as compared to...


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