• A Solar Design Manual for Alaska: Solar Technologies (2010)

    This report was written by Alaska Sun, which is a coalition in Alaska dedicated to furthering the use of solar energy in their state. It comes from their publication “A Solar Design Manual for Alaska” and focuses on various technologies that are commonly used in solar thermal systems.


  • Commissioning the Sun: Popular Renewable Systems (2012)

    This presentation was created by Pete Salmon of the Eaton Corporation. It is an educational presentation the covers the benefits, design, components, and installation of solar thermal systems.

    The presentation uses a diagram to illustrate the basic design of a system, and discusses what...

  • Utility Solar Water Heating Initiative and Energy Star (2011)

    This letter was written by Chip Bircher of USH2O, a solar thermal water heating industry group, to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It answers questions that the EPA had regarding solar thermal water heating and its eligibility for the Energy Star Program.

  • Solar Thermal Systems (2008)

    This is a presentation by Murat Aydemir from the company Viessmann Middle East. The presentation was given during the Green Building Conference in Dubai in 2008.


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