technology review

  • Refrigeration Project Using Solar Energy (2006)

    This is a scientific paper done by Luis Eduardo about using solar energy for refrigeration. Refrigeration becomes very important especially for rural areas where electricity is not reliable. Using renewable energy in rural areas would decrease the use of electrical energy in the country,...

  • Bosch Solar Thermal Water Heating Solutions (2011)

    This is a commercial brochure prepared by the company Bosch about the water heating products they offer. The document passes in review the different solar thermal technologies and applications for commercial and residential use. It includes information about Bosch’s marketing materials,...

  • The Rising Sun. Point of View on Solar Energy Sector in India (2011)

    This report, published by KPMG, an Indian research company, passes in review the Indian solar market in terms of technologies and applications (PV, solar power, solar water and heating, etc), barriers and drivers, grid issues, legislation and tax incentives.


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