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  • Photo: BSW Solar

    ESCO model grows in popularity in South Africa

    “Our clients are cash flow positive from day one,” South African company Energy Partners claims on its website. Up until now, it has been offering heat and steam purchase agreements, mainly on coal boilers, to industrial and public customers. “Purchase contracts for solar heat in...
  • Spain: Market Growth despite Incentive Scheme Stop and Go

    Spain: Market Growth despite Incentive Scheme Stop and Go

    anish incentive programmes for solar thermal have become decreasingly generous. Some companies are starting to offer credit lines and alternative schemes to consumers, allowing clients to pay or benefit from solar systems equivalent to their energy saving amount. The business models seem...

  •  “Demonstrate that your business model is scalable”

    “Demonstrate that your business model is scalable”

    Solar thermal technology is said to offer enormous potential over the coming decades. However, to grow and develop a technology, you need investments, and these investments are hard to come by for the solar thermal sector. Investors don’t know much about the solar thermal sector...
  • Capacity Building for Solar Thermal Energy in India (2010)

    This presentation provided by Rangan Banerjee, from the Department of Energy Science and Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay, draws a panorama of solar thermal energy and storage technologies. After a brief presentation of various green energies and several end...


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