power tower

  • Solar Power Industry Report – Major Solar Thermal Players (2010)

    This report was released in 2010 by Floyd Associates. It is an industry report that discusses the market opportunity for solar energy, worldwide.

    It talks about all types of solar energy, and solar thermal in particular. There are pictures to show the concepts of different solar thermal...

  • Solar Thermal Conversion (2005)

    This presentation was created by the Florida State University Energy and Sustainability Center. It discusses the process and technology of solar thermal conversion.

    The presentation starts by explaining how the process of solar thermal conversion works...

  • CSP Technologies Projects in EUMENA (2008)

    Dr. Nikolaus Benz Vice President of ESTELA (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association) gave this presentation at the EUROMED 2008 Solar Workshop. This is a very informative presentation about concentrated solar power technologies. The slides explain de differences between a power tower,...


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