• Florida Power & Light Residential Solar Water Heating Pilot Program Standards (2011)

    This manual details the program standards for the Residential Solar Water Heating Pilot Program of Florida Power & Lights (FPL). It includes information on the goals of the program, as well as the installation and reporting requirements that are necessary to be eligible....

  • Understanding Rebates for Solar Water Heating Systems - CSI (2012)

    This brochure was created by the Center for Sustainable Energy California. It provides information on the rebates for solar thermal water heating systems available to Californian consumers through the California Solar Initiative (CSI). More information on solar thermal...

  • California Solar Initiative – Thermal, Program Handbook (2010)

    This is the Handbook for the Thermal Program of the California Solar Initiative. The Handbook covers the background and purpose of the program, what consumers and organizations can participate, and what kind of equipment and technology falls under the purview of the program....

  • The History of Solarize (2012)

    This presentation was created by Resource Consultants for Solar Oregon. It provides information on the Solarize program, which is a community group purchasing for solar thermal systems.


    In the Solarize program, a...

  • Guidebook for Solar Water Heating Projects in Philadelphia (2011)

    This guidebook was created by the US Department of Energy’s Solar America Cities partnership in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia. It explains how solar thermal works, how to size and install, and the permitting and listening system for projects in the city.



  • Draining, Flushing, Filling, & Pressurizing Solar Thermal Systems (2011)

    This technical bulletin was created and published by Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. It explains how to flush and then refill the liquids in a solar thermal hot water heating system. Before beginning, the technical bulletin states that the work can only be performed when the...

  • Ithaca Park & Recreational Facility (2012)

    This case study was created by plumbing equipment manufacturer Frank P. Langley Co. It reports on a solar thermal installation for the Parks and Recreational Facility of the city of Ithaca, NY.

    Eight collectors connected to two 240 gallon tanks were...

  • USA: Contractor Runs 7,804 m² Collector System at Prestage Foods Factory

    USA: Contractor Runs 7,804 m² Collector System at Prestage Foods Factory

    There is now one more solar process heat installation in the US – and it is one of the country’s largest, too. Since October 2011, more than 50 people were working onsite, 7 days a week, to put the system in place. 84,000 ft2 of collector area (7,804 m2) are going to...


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