job creation

  • Solar Thermal Energy – New Light on a Mature and Market Ready Technology (2007)

    This presentation was created by Sterling Planet in 2007. This presentation covers several aspects of solar thermal technology including system types, job creation, market growth, different applications, and the outlook of solar thermal energy in the future. The beginning of the presentation...

  • Canada: Solar Vision 2025: Beyond Market Competitiveness (2010)

    This report issued by the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) gives an overview of the evolution of the solar energy market in Canada until 2025.  The report covers both the solar photovoltaic and the solar thermal sectors.

    Solar energy has numerous advantages. It will...

  • Solar Board (2009)

    The presentation of the Mesa Solar project occurred during the “International Solar Energy Forum on the Development of Solar Technology and Industry under the Financial Crisis” in Lanzhou, China. The goal of the presentation was to attract investors by raising the awareness about Uruguay’s...


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