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  • Best practice examples of urban solar projects exceed expectations

    Best practice examples of urban solar projects exceed expectations

    Researchers working for the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling programme have created a list of urban solar heat projects that not only met but exceeded the ambitious aims set for them initially: Seven best-practice examples and two scoping studies of systems in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden...
  • Solar Hot Water: Value By Design (2011)

    This brochure comes from the solar energy company Heliodyne. It explains how solar thermal technology works, its benefits, and offers case studies of solar thermal water heating in action. This document would be useful to anyone interested in examining the current market for...

  • Eastern Oregon Sunshine Pays Off for Correctional Institution (2012)

    This case study was created by the Oregon Department of Energy. It looks at the case of the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution and how they are saving money on their energy bills with a solar thermal system that was installed partially with money from the stimulus.

    Before the...

  • Solar Power for Tomorrow's World (2011)

    This presentation was created by Ken May of Abengoa Solar, and was published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). It explains the potential of solar thermal hot water heating to displace conventional electric use and create long term utility savings.


  • Solar Thermal Case Study: Shouldice Hospital (2012)

    This case study was written by by Gemco Solar. It profiles a solar thermal water heating and air cooling and heating system they installed on the Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

    Displacing a natural gas and electric based system,...

  • Wright State Solar Tour Event (2010)

    This presentation was created by Wright State University. It provides information on the “Solar Tour” of their campus, focusing on their newly installed solar thermal hot water heating system for the campus swimming pool. Wright State University is committed to...

  • Keys to Successful Solar Water Heating Programs (2012)

    This presentation was created by the solar thermal water heating coalition US H2O. It features information on solar thermal water heating incentive programs from throughout the country, and highlights the elements that have made them successful. More information on solar...

  • A Review of Solar Hot Water Systems History, Design, and Applications (2012)

    This presentation was created and published by Ben Gravely of Holocene Technologies. It provides a short review of solar thermal history, come examples of successful solar thermal installations and an overview of the technology behind solar thermal.

    There were various demonstrations of...

  • Advanced Piping and Control Applications for Commercial Buildings (2011)

    This presentation was created by EOS Research and Energy Concepts. It reports on their work with creating advanced solar thermal piping and control applications for use in commercial buildings.

    Through a series of graphs and case studies, the presentation depicts the advances these two...

  • Guidebook for Solar Water Heating Projects in Philadelphia (2011)

    This guidebook was created by the US Department of Energy’s Solar America Cities partnership in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia. It explains how solar thermal works, how to size and install, and the permitting and listening system for projects in the city.



  • 63-Unit Multi-Family Building (2011)

    This case study was create by solar energy company SunWater Solar. It details their installation on a multi-family residential building, a growing sector of the housing industry, and one that offers growth potential for solar thermal.

    The multi-family building where the solar thermal hot...


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