• Solar Water Heating Systems in Libya (2013)

    This presentation on solar water heating (SWH) systems was given by Dr. Mohamed Erhouma, Head of Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Department at CSERS (Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies) at a workshop on “Promoting Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in Libya”...

  • Feasibility of Solar Energy for Domestic Hot Water and Heating (2006)

    This is a poster prepared by Carlos Henrique Porfirio and Dalva de Araujo Vieira from the Architecture and Urbanism College of University of São Paulo, in Brazil. It analyses different options for domestic hot water and heating. The poster includes an introduction about solar energy, both...

  • Example of Solar Water Heating System Installation in Mexico

    This document produced in the framework of the the Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative (GSWH Project), reports the usage of solar water heating technologies in the soccer club Los Plumas de la UNAM in Mexico.

    The installations were made...

  • Chile: Tax Rebate for Construction Companies

    Chile: Tax Rebate for Construction Companies

    Sunny Chile: On 19 November 2009, the National Energy Commission held a presentation on the “regulatory framework for solar thermal in Chile” that led to the introduction of a new tax rebate programme for solar water heaters (SWH) in August this year and will last until 2013....

  • Renewable Energy Resources in Lebanon: Practical Applications (2005)

    As Lebanon is among the few countries in the Middle East that are not endowed with fossil fuels it is crucial for the country to find alternative energy sources. This document prepared by the Lebanese American University looks at the various renewable energy sources, assessing its...


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