• Ukraine: First low-interest Loan Programme spreads across Lviv Region

    One major growth barrier in the Ukrainian solar thermal market is the usually high interest rate of between 18 and 25 %. Which is why the low-interest loan programme of the Lviv region in western Ukraine marks an important step towards spreading solar energy in the country. Since 2009,...

  • Portugal: Market Players facing Serious Problems

    Two months after the new government came to power, its strategy for solar energy still remains a mystery: The new subsidy programme barely mentions renewable energies, but focuses on energy efficiency instead. Last year's two subsidy schemes for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as...

  • Poland: various commercial Grant Programmes

    By the end of 2010, the total surface area of solar collectors in Poland reached 655,000 m2. Newly installed collector area amounted to 146,000 m2, roughly 2,000 m2 more than in 2009. Over the next years, the number of new solar thermal installations is thought to increase significantly...


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