• Solar Water Heating Therm – inology! (2011)

    This presentation was created by Tim Merrigan of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and was first presented at the 2011 USH2O Annual Meeting. It focuses on clearing up and defining some widely, and often loosely, used terms in the world of solar thermal heating...

  • Solar Thermal System in Buildings in Japan (2008)

    This presentation was made by Mr Mitsuhiro Udagawa, Professor at the Kogakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, during the Asian Workshop on Energy and Environmental Technologies which took place in 2008. The presentation includes many visuals showing the evolution of solar thermal system...

  • Design Guide – Solar Thermal Systems (2009)

    Bosch has released this technical guide to help homeowners, installers, engineers and architects with its new solar products. The guide provides descriptions of components, system sizing and piping diagrams. Recommendations for system design, installation and maintenance are also...

  • Technical Requirements of Low Temperature Solar Systems (2009)

    This document produced, in 2009, by IDEA (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) in collaboration with CENSOLAR (Spanish Solar Energy Training Centre), provides an overview of the minimum technical conditions to be met by solar thermal water heating systems, covering also...


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