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    Eurosun 2016 / Hans Martin Henning: Modelling the energy transition

    With complex computer simulations, Fraunhofer ISE shows how the energy transformation could work. Deputy Director Hans Martin Henning explains what the simulations can do - and why they must not be mistaken as predictions.

    This video was filmed during the Eurosun 2016 in Palma (Mallorca)...

  • Seasonal Storage for Solar Thermal Systems in Australia? (2007)

    This study from 2007 explores the potential for setting up in Australia large centralized solar heating plants with seasonal storage. These are long-term storage systems, which allow energy being collected in summer, and delivered in winter. The study aims to evaluate these systems - which...

  • Design of a Solar Thermal Collector Simulator (2009)

    This thesis from 2009 describes the design and testing of a solar thermal collector simulator. The main objective of this study is to assist research and development of future projects that incorporate a small solar collector array. An in-depth description is provided covering both the...

  • Modelling of a Solar Thermal Reactor for Hydrogen Generation (2006)

    This 2006 research paper addresses the potential of solar thermal in the generation of hydrogen. In this application, the solar heat can be used directly for water splitting without the additional step of electricity generation. The researchers have developed a model to predict temperatures...


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