Domestic Hot Water and Heating

  • Solar Water Heating Installation Requirements (2012)

    This manual was created and published by the Energy Trust of Oregon. It provides directions for the minimum criteria of installation under the Energy Trust of Oregon’s solar thermal water heating incentive program.

    To be eligible for an incentive from the Energy Trust of Oregon, and...

  • Solar Energy in Spain (2009)

    The solar potential in Spain is the highest in Europe because of its privileged location and climate.  Solar energy offers many advantages with respect to conventional energy, since it deals with a stream of energy that is free, clean and limitless. 

    Solar thermal energy takes...

  • Maine Solar Energy Rebate Program 2007 Annual Report (2007)

    The Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) is pleased to present the second Maine Solar Energy Rebate Program Annual Report for the time period July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2007. The two primary goals of the Maine Solar Energy Rebate Program are to: Increase the use of...


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