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  • Solar Water Heating Techscope Market Readiness Assessment Report and Analysis Tool

     The Solar Water Heating TechScope Market Readiness Assessment Report (SWH TechScope Report) was developed under the Global Solar Water Heating (GSWH) Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative, a joint initiative undertaken by the United Nations...

  • Albania: Solar Water Heaters Project increases Market Size (2008)

    Albania: Solar Water Heaters Project increases Market Size (2008)

    Albanian's solar thermal testing centre: inaugurated in September 2008, managed by the Harry Fultz Institute in Tirana and financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    Stimulating the...

  • Solar Energy for Heating Water in Urban Areas of Egypt (2003)

    This document provides an overview of a project financed under UN GEF Small Grants Programme to boost the use of solar thermal water heating in remote areas of Egypt. The project resulted on the installation of 164 water heaters, reaching 3,790 people, in poor villages and neighborhoods...


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