• Solar Thermal Systems – For Domestic Hot Water (2011)

    This document was created by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. It extols on the benefits of solar thermal system usage for NY state residents in their homes, and provides resources for consumers to learn more about systems.

  • I Want My Own Solar System! (2009)

    This brochure comes from the Minnesota Office of Energy Security. It provides information for households and consumers on the benefits and basic of solar thermal heating for the home.

    While people may not assume that solar thermal is a viable energy...

  • Commissioning the Sun: Popular Renewable Systems (2012)

    This presentation was created by Pete Salmon of the Eaton Corporation. It is an educational presentation the covers the benefits, design, components, and installation of solar thermal systems.

    The presentation uses a diagram to illustrate the basic design of a system, and discusses what...

  • Solar Thermal in Industries: Status and Perspectives (2012)

    This presentation was made by Werner B. Koldehoff at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) workshop "Solar Thermal Thailand" held in Berlin on March 2012. It presents the status of solar thermal industry in Germany and worldwide to...

  • Renewable Energy in Europe. Markets, Trends and Technologies (2010)

    This second edition of the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) study presents the latest political, technological, financial and economic information on renewable energy technologies in the fields of heating and cooling, electricity and biofuels in order to reach the binding 2020 target...

  • Solar Concentrator (2010)

    This is a brochure made by a Bulgarian company Bulgaria Therm about a solar concentrator which can be used for heating and cooling in a winter, such as in a summer period. A comparison between this product and a solar collector is provided by graphics and schemes. Functional and technical...

  • Energy Action Sheet: Solar Water Heating (2006)

    This action sheet was published by the Pace Project (Pan African Conservation Education Project), funded by the Vodafone Foundation and ran in partnership by Tusk Trust and Siren Conservation Education. The goal is to help spreading simple solutions to environmental problems between...

  • Use of Solar Collectors for Water Heating in Domestic Sector (2004)

    This document was prepared by Água Quente Solar, a Portuguese public programme promoting the use of solar panels for water heating. This is an introductory document to solar water heating. It explains its applications, the advantages of its use, the purpose, price information, integration...

  • Solar Thermal in Spain (2007)

    This document produced by the Spanish IDAE (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) in 2007 explains what is solar thermal energy, its benefits and applications, providing at the same time practical information like for instance the incentive programmes existing in Spain (for...


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