future perspectives

  • Latest and Future Developments in Solar District Heating (2012)

    This presentation was given by Riccardo Battisti of Ambiente Italia at the joint 2012 Annual Conference of Euroheat & Power and the Renewable Heating & Cooling European Technology Platform. Battisti gives a sprawling assessment of current developments in Solar District Heating across...

  • Water Storages, Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps in District Heating (2008)

    This report explains the development of solar thermal plants for district heating in Denmark between 1996 and 2008. Compiled by Danish company PlanEnergi, it also gives an opinion on future possibilities for solar district heating and cooling in Denmark and Europe.

  • Research Priorities for Solar Thermal Energy (2012)

    This presentation - given by ESTTP’s Dr. Wim van Helden at the 2012 Renewable District Heating and Cooling Conference - sets out key Research and Development priorities for the solar thermal industry in the next decade. Challenges still remain to reduce investment costs, further increase solar...

  • Solar Water Hater and Heat Pump Study (2011)

    This study reviews the current status and future trends of Australia’s Solar Water Heater and Heat Pump Industry. In recent years, solar water heaters in Australia have progressed from a niche market to become a mainstream high volume, low margin product. In 2010, it was estimated that over 10%...


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