• Germany: Façade Hot Water

    Germany: Façade Hot Water

    The aim of German insulating glass manufacturer Energy Glas GmbH: To produce hot water by incorporating a solar thermal collector into the glass façade of commercial buildings. “We wanted to develop a new glass-glass collector which basically fits into all post-and-beam...

  • Russia: High-quality façade systems in Siberia

    Russia: High-quality façade systems in Siberia


    2011 was a very successful year for Russian solar thermal manufacturer CEFT. The company, which is located in the autonomous Siberian Republic of Buryatia, has set up one of its largest installations so far for a local grammar school with 720 students. The school complex was...

  • Facade Integration of Solar Thermal Collectors: a Breakthrough? (2007)

    This document from 2007 looks into providing a solution to the aesthetic concerns regarding façade integration of solar thermal collectors. These architectural concerns are caused through the black and irregular surfaces of solar absorbers as well as the piping which remain visible through the...


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