• Solar Thermal System Solutions: Powering the Planet – Every Day (2011)

    This presentation was created by ergSol a “U.S. based provider of complete and customized solar thermal system solutions”. The presentation looks at market potential, applications and technologies of solar thermal. ErgSol’s positive outlook on the market potential for solar...

  • Underground Thermal Energy Storage (2011)

    This presentation comes from the international polymer processing company REHAU. It provides information on their systems for underground thermal energy storage.

    The principle behind the thermal storage system is to match the supply of renewable...

  • Draining, Flushing, Filling, & Pressurizing Solar Thermal Systems (2011)

    This technical bulletin was created and published by Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. It explains how to flush and then refill the liquids in a solar thermal hot water heating system. Before beginning, the technical bulletin states that the work can only be performed when the...

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative of the Month: Town of Okotoks (2012)

    This report was created and published by the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP). It highlights an important and successful greenhouse gas reduction project from the town of Okotoks, the Drake Landing Solar Community.

    In 1998, the town of Okotos, Canada adopted a sustainable community...

  • Life Cycle Considerations for Solar Energy Technologies (2011)

    This document was created and published by Maxwell K. Micali of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). It provides an overview of various life cycle considerations as they apply to the use of solar energy technologies.

    According to the...

  • Solar Thermal Energy: The Time Has Come (2012)

    This white paper was written by William Guiney of Johnson Controls. It looks at the opportunities and potential for long-run development and wide spread use of solar thermal, especially for pool heating, space heating, and cooling applications.

    Of the...

  • Solar Thermal Energy Technology and Market Trends (2010)

    This presentation was created by Frank Proske, the Market Development Manager for Renewables at A.O. Smith Water Products Co. in Pennsylvania, USA.  The focus of the presentation is on the evolution and current state of various solar thermal technologies and the...

  • A Solar Design Manual for Alaska: Solar Technologies (2010)

    This report was written by Alaska Sun, which is a coalition in Alaska dedicated to furthering the use of solar energy in their state. It comes from their publication “A Solar Design Manual for Alaska” and focuses on various technologies that are commonly used in solar thermal systems.


  • Heat Your Water with the Sun (2003)

    This report was arranged by the U.S. Department of Energy. This document discusses ways that the sun can help heat your home without exceeding your budget. Step by step guidelines for buying, installing, and maintaining your solar heating system are outlined.

  • Success Factors in Solar District Heating (2010)

    The 'SDHtake-off - Solar District Heating in Europe' project is a EU-funded project (under the European Commission Programme IEE Intelligent Energy Europe)supporting the market rollout of solar district heating in Europe. It started on July 2009 and runs for a period of three years. This ...

  • New Technologies in Spain (2009)

    This document was prepared by Technology Review. It provides an idea of the evolution cycle of solar industry (PV and thermal) since its early ages in both Spain and USA. The analysis focuses on technologies, production and storage capacities, investment costs and legal framework conditions...


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