• Solar Water Heater (2010)

    This report was written by Jean Cariou of the Global Energy Network Institute. It is a comprehensive study of the technology, the economics, and the feasibility of large scale solar thermal installations. According to the report, solar thermal water heating has the potential...

  • Solar Thermal Energy in Delaware (2007)

    This presentation was created by the Delaware Million Solar Roofs Coalition, an association that advocates for the use of solar energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The presentation was used to inform people in Delaware on the basics of solar thermal energy.

    To begin, the...

  • Solar Thermal Technology (2005)

    This presentation is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare program on Sustainable Energy. It provides an overview of solar thermal technology including power towers, solar thermal cooling and storage technologies. Different concentrating solar...

  • RETScreen Software Solar Water Heating Workshop (2008)

    This presentation was created by National Grid, an energy service company in the Northeast. It was used to present at Solar Boston, a conference on solar energy in Boston, in a workshop on how to use RETScreen energy analysis software.

    The presentation...

  • Solar Water Heating Systems (2007)

    This presentation was created for Solar Santa Monica, a local government initiative by the city of Santa Monica, California that advocates for the use of solar energy.  This presentation was used to familiarize Solar Santa Monica members on how solar thermal works and why...

  • Solar Thermal: Water Heating and Beyond (2010)

    This presentation was created by Jane Davidson of the University of Minnesota and Tim Merrigan & Jay Burch of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It looks at the potential for growth in use of solar thermal in underutilized applications on the US, as compared to...

  • Solar Thermal Technology & Applications (2006)

    This presentation was created by Roger Taylor of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). It was used at the NAEMI Solar Electric & Thermal Training Workshop in 2006. Solar thermal water and air heating are the main topics of the presentation.

  • Seasonal Storage for Solar Thermal Systems in Australia? (2007)

    This study from 2007 explores the potential for setting up in Australia large centralized solar heating plants with seasonal storage. These are long-term storage systems, which allow energy being collected in summer, and delivered in winter. The study aims to evaluate these systems - which...


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