• Solar Thermal System Solutions: Powering the Planet – Every Day (2011)

    This presentation was created by ergSol a “U.S. based provider of complete and customized solar thermal system solutions”. The presentation looks at market potential, applications and technologies of solar thermal. ErgSol’s positive outlook on the market potential for solar...

  • Federal Solar Energy Incentives – FAQ (2009)

    This document was part of the Solar Energy Industries Association Guide to Federal Incentives for Solar Energy published in 2009. It goes over common questions for the consumer regarding federal rebates and incentives. Questions range from claiming rebates from...

  • Solar Thermal for Industrial Uses (2011)

    This issue brief, created and distributed by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, discusses the current status of solar thermal energy and its potential in industrial applications. Taking a business approach to solar thermal heating, it addresses the potential demand...

  • Solar Thermal Industry National Status and Projections (2011)

    This presentation discusses the current status of solar thermal energy in the United States and its projected future for the next 5-10 years. Focusing on solar water heating (SWH) systems and solar pool heating (SPH) systems, this presentation touches on both residential and...

  • Solar Thermal Utilization in Thailand (2008)

    This 2008 document from the Thai Solar Thermal Association (Stasolar), gives a summary of the state of play of solar thermal in Thailand as well as its future market development. Only recently, the government is giving more attention to solar thermal which has lead to the first solar thermal...


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