tax credits

  • Federal Solar Energy Incentives – FAQ (2009)

    This document was part of the Solar Energy Industries Association Guide to Federal Incentives for Solar Energy published in 2009. It goes over common questions for the consumer regarding federal rebates and incentives. Questions range from claiming rebates from...

  • American Solar Works – Harness Your Energy for Your Business (2008)

    This document was prepared by the American Solar Works Holdings LLC. While it gives background information, it primarily tries to encourage solar thermal use for commercial buildings and businesses. Several commercial examples are used of what solar thermal can be used for...

  • Solar Hot Water in Alaska (2011)

    This presentation was written by Harvey Bowers of the Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology (ACAT). It provides information on solar thermal water heating in cold climates and uses a case study and examples from installations in Alaska to demonstrate how solar thermal can...

  • Solar Thermal Incentive Program Manual (October 2014)

    This document provides details on the Solar Thermal (ST) Program funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to financially support the substitution of electrically heated domestic hot water systems with solar thermal systems. The present...

  • USA: Roadmap to Develop Solar Thermal in New York City

    USA: Roadmap to Develop Solar Thermal in New York City

    One million roofs, 43 solar water heaters – New York City is not exactly a solar capital, although it wants to become the city with the cleanest air in the world. Solar thermal collectors should play a role in the new energy strategy. They could help cut emissions of heavy oil burners...

  • Italy: Political Frame Condition Update

    Italy: Political Frame Condition Update

    The change at the helm of government in Italy has already had some positive effects on the solar thermal sector. The tax credit extensions were confirmed earlier than in the years before. At the beginning of December, the government approved the extension until 31 December 2012 under the...

  • Uruguay: Tax Benefits and Incentives planned

    Uruguay: Tax Benefits and Incentives planned

    The National Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining in Uruguay is working on a decree to regulate the use and incentives for solar water heaters in the country. The National Director of Energy, Dr Ramón Méndez, said at the end of July that his draft includes regulations for the next 15...

  • Chile plans Tax Credits for Housing Developers

    Chile plans Tax Credits for Housing Developers

    A new bill by the Chilean government offers sweeping incentives to low income families and housing developers when purchasing solar water heaters. The chamber of deputies’ Finance Committee approved the draft in November of 2008 and it is now on its way to be approved by...


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