Solar cooling

  • Embedded thumbnail for Dr Uli Jakob: Solar cooling reduces electricity consumption by a factor 2 to 3

    Dr Uli Jakob: Solar cooling reduces electricity consumption by a factor 2 to 3

    Global energy consumption for cooling and air conditioning is increasing rapidly and, if the projections by the Green Cooling Initiative come true, the number of AC units installed around the world will have more than tripled by 2050. Solar cooling is an electricity-saving alternative to the...
  • IEA SHC: Most Effective Solar Cooling Storage Technologies

    IEA SHC: Most Effective Solar Cooling Storage Technologies

    Scientists from IEA SHC Task 53, New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems, have compared the cost, efficiency and adaptability of solar cooling storage solutions and are now creating a report about the technologies most suitable for a given application. The researchers...
  • Solar Energy in Spain (2009)

    The solar potential in Spain is the highest in Europe because of its privileged location and climate.  Solar energy offers many advantages with respect to conventional energy, since it deals with a stream of energy that is free, clean and limitless. 

    Solar thermal energy takes...

  • New Report on Heat Rejection Systems for Solar Cooling (2015)

    This report presents an overview of existing and novel concepts for heat rejection devices in solar cooling systems and recommends which heat rejection measures should be used under different boundary conditions (climate, system concept, etc.). Several components include a performance...

  • New Technical Solutions for Energy Efficient Buildings (2011)

    Commissioned by the SCI Network, this report provides an overview of the different technologies for implementing solar heating and cooling systems in buildings.

    This involves a survey of different collector types, a detailed comparison of different chiller types, and an assessment of the...

  • Philippe Papillon speaks of INES' different Solar Thermal Energy Projects

    Interview with Philippe Papillon from INES, made during ESTEC 2011 conference in Marseille. Philippe speaks of his organisation's work on solar thermal energy. 30% of the 15-strong team's time is spent on system design and testing, with a main focus on auxiliary consumption and the reduction of...

  • Road to Climate Friendly Chillers, Cairo

    “Road to climate friendly chillers” is the topic of the first conference on green chillers organized by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Inc (ASHRAE). The two-day event is going to take place in Cairo, Egypt, from 30 September to 1 October 2010 and...
  • Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, Orlando, Florida

    The Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Workshop is the only North American workshop of the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 38. The workshop is held in conjunction with the Orlando AHR Expo, on Jan 27th in Florida, USA. The presenters of this...

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