• RETScreen Software Solar Water Heating Workshop (2008)

    This presentation was created by National Grid, an energy service company in the Northeast. It was used to present at Solar Boston, a conference on solar energy in Boston, in a workshop on how to use RETScreen energy analysis software.

    The presentation...

  • Austria: Solar Foods Project Researchers Develop Tool to Optimise Processes

    During the on-going Solar Foods project, researchers from Austria are developing software to help integrate solar heat into the food and beverage industry. The software will not only show mass and heat flows in a diagram, but also help optimise them to improve energy efficiency and find...

  • User Guide for Building Solar Thermal Systems (2011)

    This is a manual for users of a solar thermal software, produced by CYPE Ingenieros. The manual provides further indication about a software that assists in designing the power network of solar thermal systems. The manual explains the software functionalities and includes an example so...


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