• Solar Construction Manual (2010)

    This is a manual on how to install solar thermal systems. It was created by the solar heating company Radiantec Company.

    The manual begins with introducing the various applications solar thermal heating can be used for in a domestic, residential...

  • Solar Thermal Incentive Program Manual (October 2014)

    This document provides details on the Solar Thermal (ST) Program funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to financially support the substitution of electrically heated domestic hot water systems with solar thermal systems. The present...

  • QualiCert Manual (2011)

    This manual is one of the deliverable of the QualiCert project started in July 2009 which obliges Member States to develop and mutually recognize certification or equivalent qualification schemes for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems (solar photovoltaic and solar thermal...

  • User Guide for Building Solar Thermal Systems (2011)

    This is a manual for users of a solar thermal software, produced by CYPE Ingenieros. The manual provides further indication about a software that assists in designing the power network of solar thermal systems. The manual explains the software functionalities and includes an example so...

  • Solar Thermal Energy Manual (2006)

    This manual was produced by IDEA (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) the Spanish Institute for Energy. The manual provides detailed background information on solar thermal, the existing technologies, development in Spain and in Europe, how to use it, which products...

  • Manual for Solar Collector Installers (2004)

    This manual was prepared by Água Quente Solar, a Portuguese public programme promoting the use of solar panels for water heating. The guide provides information and guidance on how to install a solar collector, things to take into account in terms of technology, weather, shadows, best...

  • STSSolar Solar Water Heating System Installation Manual (2007)

    This is an example of an operation, installation and maintenance manual provided by STS Solar Thermal Systems, a US company. It covers installations using one or two solar thermal systems, solar collectors with a single solar storage tank and also two tank systems that include a solar storage...

  • FSEC Solar Thermal Manual

    FSEC Solar Thermal Manual Design and Installation & Repair and Maintenance The intent of this manual is to equip the reader with the knowledge and skills needed to design, install, operate and maintain the most common types of solar water heating systems.

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