• 10 Steps to Solar Water Heating Design (2011)

    This presentation was created by Kurt Koegel of Solar Skies Manufacturing. It provides background information on solar thermal systems and offers a 10 step program to use for solar thermal system design.

    The 10 steps offered in the presentation are meant to apply to drainback systems for...

  • Solar Air Heating for Municipal Facilities (2003)

    This case study focuses on the City of Toronto Vehicle Maintenance Garage and their switch to a solar thermal air heating system.

    The garage hosts the town’s garbage trucks and other work vehicles, so there was a need to both ensure airflow, and because of the cold temperatures of Toronto...

  • Solar Thermal Conversion (2005)

    This presentation was created by the Florida State University Energy and Sustainability Center. It discusses the process and technology of solar thermal conversion.

    The presentation starts by explaining how the process of solar thermal conversion works...

  • Training Course on Solar District Heating (2011)

    This document comprises training material developed in the framework of the SDHtake-off project with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. It has been designed as a “pool” of information to be used by all training organizations. It gives a broad overview of the solar thermal...

  • Storage Solution for Solar Thermal Energy (2004)

    This is a study concerning solar storage technologies and materials presented by J. C. Hadorn from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Many schemes and graphics provide a visual explanation of how all presented technologies work and how they can be connected to different energy supply...


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