• Solar Water Heating Regional Market Assessment Report on Latin America

    This regional market assessment report focuses on six countries: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru.

    After analysing the solar water heating (SWH) market status (demand, supply, costs and economic and financial incentives) in the respective countries, this report...

  • Chile: Solar Energy Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Chile: Solar Energy Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Amr M. Abdel Hai, Programme Officer for the Energy Branch of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (left), and Eduardo Noboa, Renewable Energy and Environment Coordinator from the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE), organised a two-day workshop with the aim to strengthen...

  • Current Status of Solar Energy Use in Peru (2007)

    This short essay, written by Manfred Horn, explores the current status of solar energy use in Peru, both PV and thermal. Solar energy debuted in Peru in the seventies and was used at this time mostly in universities and state organisations working towards the development of new technologies...

  • Peru and Chile: Transsen's Expansion Strategy

    Peru and Chile: Transsen's Expansion Strategy

    The newly formed Directive Board of Transsen Peru (left to right): Edson Pereira (President of Transsen Brazil), Abel Gutiérrez, Victor Bazualdo and Newton U. Koeke (International Business Manager of Transsen Brazil) Photo: Transsen

  • TREE Project – CSP Seminars in South Africa (2009)

    The TREE Project (Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency), run by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) in Berlin aims to promote capacity building and know-how transfer in renewable energies (RE), energy efficiency (EE) and climate protection for both decision makers from politics and business,...


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