• Argentina: Mendoza Solar Conference Promotes Solar Cities

    Argentina: Mendoza Solar Conference Promotes Solar Cities

    An organisation to support solar energy in Argentina is the Solar City Network (Red de Ciudades Solares), which places the emphasis on solar water heating. Part of their work consists of non-commercial conferences and exhibitions, which take place in various cities across the country. The...

  • Solar Heating: Incorporating Underfloor Heating (2011)

    This is the report of a study done by the Architecture Department of the Uruguayan Republican University. The goal of the research was to find out whether it was technologically and economically feasible to integrate solar thermal system for underfloor heating into the already existing systems...

  • Technical Specifications for Solar Energy Installations (2010)

    The Decree No. 314/010 was issued by the Uruguayan authorities with the purpose of outlining the minimal technical conditions to be met by solar thermal installations. It regulates the use of these technologies, also serving as a guideline for all users, with a main focus on durability,...

  • Solar Board (2009)

    The presentation of the Mesa Solar project occurred during the “International Solar Energy Forum on the Development of Solar Technology and Industry under the Financial Crisis” in Lanzhou, China. The goal of the presentation was to attract investors by raising the awareness about Uruguay’s...

  • Uruguay: Tax Benefits and Incentives planned

    Uruguay: Tax Benefits and Incentives planned

    The National Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining in Uruguay is working on a decree to regulate the use and incentives for solar water heaters in the country. The National Director of Energy, Dr Ramón Méndez, said at the end of July that his draft includes regulations for the next 15...

  • Chile: Solar Energy Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Chile: Solar Energy Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Amr M. Abdel Hai, Programme Officer for the Energy Branch of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (left), and Eduardo Noboa, Renewable Energy and Environment Coordinator from the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE), organised a two-day workshop with the aim to strengthen...

  • Solar Thermal Energy Manual and Related Installations (2009)

    This manual was prepared by the ORT University in Uruguay and includes detailed information on solar thermal installations. The manual is part of an installation course offered by the ORT University. The document explain the main points to take into account like solar radiation levels,...

  • Public-Private Partnership for the Promotion of Solar Energy in Uruguay (2010)

    This publication includes information about the creation of Mesa Solar in 2007 with the support of UNESCO. Mesa Solar has been created to support the development of solar water heating in Uruguay. Mesa Solar gathers different public and private organisations, from government, civil society and...

  • Solar Obligation in Uruguay

    Solar Obligation in Uruguay

    In October 2009, both the Chamber of Senators and the Chamber of Representatives of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay approved a far-reaching solar thermal energy law (Nº 18.585), which lays down several steps to further extend the solar obligation stipulated in it, with each step coming into effect...
  • Uruguay: First Steps towards a Sunny Future

    Uruguay: First Steps towards a Sunny Future

    For 180 years now, the sun has been given a prominent place in the flag of Uruguay. But it was just two years ago that the country actually started to make its first steps towards supporting the national solar thermal sector.


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