• Combined Solar Power and Desalination Plants: Update on the MED-CSD Project (2009)

    This presentation from 2009 provides an update of the MED-CSD project. The main aim of this project is the assessment of the technico-economic potential of CSP for electricity and desalination in the Mediterranean region. The presentation first gives a global overview by linking the regions...

  • New and Improved Incentive Schemes in Canada

    New and Improved Incentive Schemes in Canada

    Canadians benefit from a series of improvements that the federal supporting measures for solar thermal technology brought forth. First of all, the funding for the ecoEnergy Retrofit Homes Program – a programme for residential home owners - has been increased by 300 million Canadian Dollars (CAD)....
  • CanSIA Solar Conference 2009, Toronto

    The conference will include industry and technical updates, government activities (all levels), R&D and attracting investors. It is designed especially for solar industry members, government representatives, ENGO's, utilities, financial community members, architects, developers, builders,...
  • Ontario: Solar Home Systems on Lease

    Ontario: Solar Home Systems on Lease

    The financial obstacle of buying a solar water heating (SWH) system is an issue for almost every company or household. Reliance Home Comfort (RHC), based in Toronto, offers a special renting system for water heaters to overcome this issue. The Canadian supplier for water heaters responded last year...
  • MEDA Limited

    Thank you very much for allowing me to introduce myself and my organization. MEDA, is a quality contract and direct placement organization that specializes in Energy Municipal Services, Civil, Government, Engineering, Information Technology, Finance and Project Management. There are several...
  • Enlarging Testing Facilities for SRCC in the USA

    Enlarging Testing Facilities for SRCC in the USA

    The extension of the federal tax credits by eight years and the election of Barack Obama have suddenly made the U.S. market for solar thermal energy far more attractive. The importance of imports of collectors and systems is growing. The number of flat plate and evacuated tube collectors has...

  • Canada Committed to Solar Thermal Energy

    Canada Committed to Solar Thermal Energy

    The first solar seasonal storage facility on the North American continent: Since September 2007, 52 single-family homes at the Drake Landing Solar Community in Okotoks near Calgary have been heated using 800 collectors of the Canadian manufacturer Enerworks and a ground reservoir with...

  • 4th Canadian Solar Buildings Conference, Toronto

    The 4th Canadian Solar Buildings Conference takes place parallel to the 34th Annual Conference of the Solar Energy Society of Canada and 4th Canadian Solar Buildings Research Network Conference. Presentations either in French or in English on many aspects of solar energy technology and solar...


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