• Active and Passive Solar for multi-unit residential buildings (2003)

    This document is about an EcoCité apartment development in Montreal, Canada. Along with the solar thermal applications that the apartment building utilizes, the whole design of the structure was created with sustainability in mind. It is located directly by public transit and was...

  • Laundromat Needs Create Thriving Solar Thermal Business (2008)

    This case study was written by Mondial Energy. It follows the company’s change from originally being a laundromat with a solar thermal hot water heating system to a successful solar thermal company.

    Alex Winch, owner of Mondial Energy, originally had purchased and operated a laundromat in...

  • Air Based Solar-thermal “Hot-Box” Collector (2009)

    This paper was written by Mitch Thornton of the Canadian company Mountain Electric. It reports on his efforts to design and install his own “hot box” solar thermal collector.

    The plan was to build a hot-air box that would transfer captured solar energy...

  • Solar Thermal Applications (2012)

    This presentation was created by Bob Swartman of Solcan, a solar energy company based in Canada. It provides information on various uses of solar thermal energy and includes a few case studies and examples.

    The presentation begins by explaining how various designs of solar thermal water...

  • AEE INTEC: Applications for Solar Thermal Systems (2005)

    This fact sheet was published by the British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC). It provides information on the how agricultural producers can evaluate their operations to determine if solar thermal systems would be a productivity enhancing and money saving addition.

  • Canada: Solar Vision 2025: Beyond Market Competitiveness (2010)

    This report issued by the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) gives an overview of the evolution of the solar energy market in Canada until 2025.  The report covers both the solar photovoltaic and the solar thermal sectors.

    Solar energy has numerous advantages. It will...

  • Solar Energy complements Building Architecture (2014)

    A free IEA SHC online database of 50 projects from 11 countries highlights how active and passive solar can decrease energy demand and enhance a building's architectural quality 

    Author: Maria Wall

    Date: October 2014

    Access the database at ...


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