• Canada: Solar Thermal Energy Competitive with Natural Gas

    Canada: Solar Thermal Energy Competitive with Natural Gas

    Canada’s biggest solar thermal installation with 223 kW (319 m²) pumps heat to Wood Green Community Services in Toronto. Photo: Mondial Energy

  • CanSIA Solar Conference 2008, Toronto

    CanSIA Solar Conference 2008 is the first event for the solar industry in Canada. The organiser, the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), invites companies to participate as exhibitor at this upcoming event to be held in Toronto from December 8th – 9th, 2008.
  • 33rd Annual SESCI Conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick

    SESCI (the Solar Energy Society of Canada) is in its 34th year of advocating for greater utilization of solar and other renewable resources. Toward this aim SESCI is holding Solar Fair 2008, August 22 -24 in Fredericton, NB. Solar Fair 2008 is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about renewable...

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