• Lebanon: Check List for Solar Installations in Hospitals

    Lebanon: Check List for Solar Installations in Hospitals

    The demonstration of best practise - a solar thermal system on the roof of the Saida Governmental Hospital - showed some technical deficiencies at second glance. The monitoring of the system led to a check list including preventive maintenance advice.
    Photo: Solarnet

  • Lebanon: Training Programmes for Solar Water Heating

    Lebanon: Training Programmes for Solar Water Heating

    Training on how to design and install solar water heaters: Participants of the solar water heater workshop, organised by the UNDP-CEDRO Project in Hamra, Lebanon, in October 2009.
    Source: UNDP-CEDRO

  • The Lebanese Solar Thermal Strategy (2008)

    The Lebanese Solar Thermal Strategy (2008)

    Damaged solar thermal system in South Lebanon: The war with Israel in 2007 destroyed 44 % of the 500 solar water heaters donated by China in 2005. Despite such setbacks, the country is working on a reasonable solar thermal strategy.
    Photo: LCEC

  • Lebanon: Performance of a Solar Water Heater – a Case Study

    Lebanon: Performance of a Solar Water Heater – a Case Study

    Solar water heaters are still rarely seen on Lebanese roofs. The Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation Project (LCECP) has now published the promising results of a study about the performance of one particular residential solar water heating system in South Lebanon.
    Photo: www...

  • Solar Thermal Systems Survey for the Lebanese Market (2006)

    This is a survey conducted by the Lebanese Solar Energy Society (LSES) which concentrates on the collection of data from companies, products and applications of solar thermal systems in order to establish a standard for Lebanese solar thermal systems and to assess the Lebanese market supply...

  • Renewable Energy Resources in Lebanon: Practical Applications (2005)

    As Lebanon is among the few countries in the Middle East that are not endowed with fossil fuels it is crucial for the country to find alternative energy sources. This document prepared by the Lebanese American University looks at the various renewable energy sources, assessing its...

  • Lebanon Solar Thermal Market (1996)

    A comprehensive overview of the Lebanese market for solar thermal technology is offered by this document, taken from Sun in Action 1 (published in 1996). The document emphasizes aspects like the finance and incentive methods, the estimated annual production, product types and solar thermal...
  • Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination (2007)

    This extensive study from 2007 assesses in a detailed way the potential of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems for large scale seawater desalination. The geographical scope of the report focuses on the urban centres in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

    The objective of...


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