• Ambitious Plans for Solar Thermal Technology in India

    The Indian market of vacuum tube collectors is picking up pace: Several manufacturers of flat plate collectors have started importing tube collectors from China. So far, they possess a market share of 10 to 15 %. Photo: Sudarshan Saur

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  • Fixed temperature thermosiphon system from India

    Fixed temperature thermosiphon system from India

    Solar water heater from India: The collector manufacturer Akson's Solar Equipments has launched the Akson Maestro system with the hot water tank positioned below the collector. Photo: Akson's Solar

  • MTS: International Player from Italy

    MTS: International Player from Italy

    Solar thermal factory in Italy: Flat-plate collectors for the MTS Group’s business are produced at this new site in central Italy. Photo: MTS Group

  • Energy & Environment, Bangalore

    Energy & Environment 2009 will provide an excellent opportunity to show the competency of the energy, power & environment industry through the availability of the state of art technology, products as well as services essential for sustainable development. It will provide a platform for...
  • International Congress on Renewable Energy (ICORE) 2008, Chennai

    ICORE happens to be a flagship event of Solar Energy of India (SESI) since last few years with an unfailing commitment to continue with it year after year. This year ICORE is being organised by SESI at Hotel Le-Royal Meridien Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India during 16/17th October 2008. With Renewable...
  • Renewable Energy India 2008 Expo, New Delhi

    Renewable Energy India 2008 Expo is the melting pot for global technologies. It is a platform to provide value for the domestic industry and showcase opportunities in the Indian market for global players. It is a forum to nurture business contacts, imbibe the latest technology trends, cultivate...
  • IEA Study "Solar Heat Worldwide": Global Market Growth of 22 % in 2006

    2006 was an extremely satisfying year for the global solar thermal industry. According to the new study “Solar Heat Worldwide. Markets and contribution to the Energy Supply 2006” on behalf of IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme the new installations grew 22 % in 2006. The authors from...

  • Is there enough sunshine in all regions?

    Solar thermal systems produce hot water whether the system is installed in Sweden, Germany, India, Tunisia or South America. The annual yield depends on the application (domestic hot water, pool heating, space heating), the local climatic conditions and system dimensioning (high or low solar fraction). The annual collector yield per square metre of collector area lies around 250 kWh/m2 for unglazed pool heating systems, 400 kWh/m2 for solar combi systems for hot water production and space heating in northern regions, and up to 700 kWh/m2 for installations in southern European regions used only for hot water preparation.

  • Which are the major solar thermal markets worldwide?

    By far the largest solar thermal market in the world according to newly installed solar thermal capacity per year is China. In 2008, around 21 GWth (30 million m2) were sold in China, which was around 80 % of the world global solar thermal market.

    In Europe, Germany – the second biggest market in the world – is dominating. With its newly installed capacity of 1.13 GWth (1,615,000 m2) in 2009, the country reached a market share of 38 % within Europe.

    Position three is held by Turkey, a dynamic solar thermal market which is estimated at 785 MWth ( 1,120,000 m2).

    Besides these front-runners, India, Brazil, Israel, Austria, Greece, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Australia are countries which reached a market volume of greater than 70 MWth (100,000 m2) in 2007.

    Further information:

    Solarenergie 2007, Study by the Swiss bank Sarasin, November 2008 (Only available in German)

    Solar thermal Markets in Europe. Trends and Market Statistics 2009, Study by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), June 2009 (see the following link)


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