• Derby 2015, Perpignan

    The DERBI Competitiveness Cluster – Development of Renewable Energies in Building and Industry – is organising the ninth edition of the DERBI International Conference in Perpignan 1 to 3 July 2015. Since 2006, the DERBI International Conference has established a large audience: over...
  • SHIP 2015, Montpellier

    The Solar Heat for Industrial Processes day (SHIP 2015) will take place at Montpellier on 15. September 2015. The International Energy Agency event will give the floor to international experts and industrial players having deep knowledge and experience in dealing with solar heat and industrial...
  • New Report on Heat Rejection Systems for Solar Cooling (2015)

    This report presents an overview of existing and novel concepts for heat rejection devices in solar cooling systems and recommends which heat rejection measures should be used under different boundary conditions (climate, system concept, etc.). Several components include a performance...

  • France: Mixed Feelings about 2015 Industry Development

    France: Mixed Feelings about 2015 Industry Development

    The solar thermal industry in France is going through difficult times: In 2014, market volume decreased again, this time by around 15 %, and business satisfaction among solar thermal system suppliers has been low. Both results are outcomes of the second one-day workshop held in Aix-les-...
  • Brazil: Chinese Technology Dominates Imports

    Brazil: Chinese Technology Dominates Imports

    Brazil´s solar thermal market grew by 20 % in 2012 and 2013, and therefore has been attracting an increasing number of international suppliers. Imports, mainly from China, have tripled since 2009. According to online portal AliceWeb, which includes the official foreign trade...
  • 3rd International Solar District Heating Conference, Toulouse

    The 3rd International SDH Conference will take place on 17 and 18 June 2015 in Toulouse, France. This 2015 edition will focus on sharing international experiences on the realization and operation of solar district heating projects, so that newcomers in the field can benefit from international...
  • France: Third Solar District Heating Conference Call for Paper

    France: Third Solar District Heating Conference Call for Paper

    After Denmark and Germany, it will now be France’s turn to host the Solar District Heating Conference. Researchers, as well as representatives from municipality utilities and solar thermal system suppliers will meet in Toulouse on 17 and 18 June 2015 to discuss international case...

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