• IRENA: Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates

    IRENA: Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates

    “It was very important to us to offer IRENA a value proposition  by engaging with developing and developed nations alike,” his Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of UAE, explains the choice of building the IRENA headquarters in his country. Photo...

  • Concentrating Solar Power: Global Outlook 09

    This 2009 report looks into the global outlook of concentrating solar power (CSP). The report first looks into the different CSP technologies and makes a comparison based on the advantages and disadvantages. The report also provides an overview of the CSP development by region. For certain...

  • Dynamic Growth Throughout the European Solar Thermal Sector

    Dynamic Growth Throughout the European Solar Thermal Sector

    Estec2009 – a meeting point for solar thermal experts in Europe: Around 400 representatives of associations, as well as manufacturers, politicians and researchers discussed trends, potentials and obstacles of the solar thermal sector. Photo: Bärbel Epp

  • Collective Systems on the Rise in France

    Collective Systems on the Rise in France

    The segment of collective systems shows high growth rates in France: The main factor behind this growth are the incentives paid by Ademe, the France Energy Agency. The investment for the solar thermal system on top of this multi-storey building in Paris was €353,000 of which 39 %...

  • Tax Credits for Home Owners in France

    Since 2005, home owners in France have profited from tax credits for solar thermal systems. The tax credit scheme was modified several times. At the beginning solar thermal investors could deduct 50 % later 30% of the investment costs. The Finance Bill 2014 reduced the tax credits from 30 to 15 %...
  • EnerGaia, Montpellier

    Between local and global, the Energaia exhibition gathers around renewable energies and energy effectiveness all the regional decisionmakers, manufacturers, local authorities and private citizens who have worked around the Mediterranean sea to increase our capacity to innovate, to develop...
  • Promotion of Solar Water Heaters

    This 55-page study "International Experiences with the Promotion of Solar Water Heaters on Household-level", published in October 2006, introduces possible promotion mechanisms for solar water heaters on a household-level. Criteria for their assessment are defined in compliance therewith. The main...
  • Viessmann: Own Production Facility for Vacuum Tubes in China

    Viessmann: Own Production Facility for Vacuum Tubes in China

    Viessmann will expand its own production plant for vacuum tubes near Beijing, China. The German manufacturer for heating systems had bought into an already existing German-Chinese joint venture in autumn of 2007. The German company Eurocol GmbH held 51% on the manufacturer Eurocon.

  • Salon des energies renouvelables, Lyon

    The conference and exhibition "Salon des energies renouvelables" is widely recognised as one of France’s most important renewable energy events, attracting a high number of professionals, leading experts. Last year over 150 companies exhibited their expertise, services, products and equipments....

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